Music and a Meal

I was asked by an undergraduate student yesterday, “Do you think it’s important to keep learning? And if so, what’s the best way?”

The first question yielded an immediate answer: YES!

The second question was not nearly as easy to answer, but I think I might know what is best for me to keep learning. For me, I learn best by asking lots of questions, and by listening – and listening a lot.

One of the very good things about social media is the ways it can immediately connect people to one another. So, when I ask a question on social media and send it out into the “interwebs,” I’m not sure if or who will respond. Still, it’s so exciting – for me – to get a response, to listen to that response, and to learn as much as I can about that response.

My most recent question may seem trite, but I asked it in earnest: If you could have a meal with any music maker, past or present, who would you choose and why?

Responses came from around the globe, from people of all ages, and taught me so many things about people, music, and the power of sharing. I’m still thinking about the answers people gave and the implications of them for music making, music teaching and learning, and the values people deem important.  And because I’m still learning by thinking-through all these variables, for now, please find just some of the music from the music makers chosen to share a meal. They are in alphabetical order.

Laurie Anderson

Jacob Bannon

Sara Bareilles

Ludwig von Beethoven

Elliott Carter

Diamanda Galás

Woody Guthrie

Jimi Hendrix

Elton John

Lyle Mays

Charlie Parker