Reviews and Awards

“Nearly twenty years ago, music education philosophy changed forever with the publication of Music Matters. The second edition is not a casual update; it is a sweepingly new and expanded text that rises to an unprecedented level of sophistication. In addition to having a fresh and contemporary feel that draws evidence from a great array of sources including science, cognition, and philosophy; this edition also celebrates critical and creative thinking and offers an enhanced concept of personhood and the development of individual meaning. The result is a powerful and convincing resource that is a must-read for anyone who takes music teaching and learning seriously.”

Peter R. Webster, Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University

“Why does music matter so much in our lives? Why does it have the power to transform us? This comprehensive examination of music education answers these questions and more, presenting a new vision of the importance of the arts in our lives.”

Diane RavitchNew York University

“This landmark contribution will continue to shape the discipline for decades to come and propel music education philosophy in every corner of the globe.”

Gary McPhersonUniversity of Melbourne

“Informative and delightful, Music Matters is a highly accessible and engaging account of the role that music plays in genuine education.”

Nel NoddingsStanford University